Steve Goldhaber

A keen observer of human nature and an early adopter of all things digital, Steve is one of those rare business professionals who is equally adept at marketing and technology. This combination of digital expertise and marketing know-how gives him an in-depth understanding of how to leverage new and established technologies to address rapidly evolving consumer behaviors.

Steve’s broad view of marketing in a digital world inspires winning tactics to reach and engage today’s consumers through the most effective integrated channels from mail to mobile. In nearly two decades on both the corporate and agency side, he has demonstrated an ability to break new ground, disrupt the status quo and drive results with innovative strategies that leverage digital tools.

In his current role at Aon, Steve heads global digital marketing efforts for the company, encompassing leading digital strategy and execution for web, social media, SEO, SEM, mobile and emerging media. He has helped spearhead global brand marketing and creative development as Aon reimagines its brand in 2014 and 2015.